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Electronic Medical Record Optimization

Due to less than optimal staffing and time limitations, employees at physician practices are often provided minimal training by Electronic Medical Record (EMR) vendors. As a result, the staff may not have been educated on valuable EMR features and much time is lost in an effort to achieve desired results.

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When it comes to making decisions on how to get the most out of your EMR, each of the following scenarios present their own set of challenges:

  1. New EMR Installation – The selection of the EMR and Practice Management System (PM) the organization chooses to utilize
  2. EMR Optimization/Enhancement – The efficient use of existing systems to develop workflows and improve/create interfaces or additional bolt-on systems
  3. EMR Conversion – The decision to abandon an existing EMR in favor of an EMR that is better suited for the practice

Our Services

RCS Physician Services offers assistance in the following areas:

  1. New EMR Installation – RCS consultants use their knowledge and experience working with a broad variety of EMR/PM systems to assist with the implementation of your new software.
  2. EMR Optimization/Enhancement – RCS consultants ensure your practice is getting the most from your existing EMR/PM system.
  3. EMR Conversion – RCS consultants offer guidance in the selection and implementation of a quality EMR for your practice to ensure a smooth transition.

Our team has worked with clients that have utilized various EMR vendors, including:

Our Approach

RCS consultants develop a strategic implementation plan that is customized for your organization. Our team documents current workflows, provides a list of recommended improvements, and helps build processes that work efficiently through the selected EMR system. RCS also works with other vendors to help facilitate the implementation of any interfaces that the practice chooses to use to make sure they are working properly.


RCS EMR Optimization Services can help develop and rebuild your existing EMR system to make your practice workflows more productive and efficient. Benefits include:

  • Clinical and administrative workflow improvements
  • Ensure existing EMR is working effectively in all defined areas of the practice and utilized to its fullest potential
  • Customized training sessions to ensure staff retention of information
  • Follow-up visits to ensure workflow processes are being followed
  • Improved overall patient care experience by using the EMR efficiently