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Virtual Patient Account Management

To meet the patient account management needs of hospitals, Revenue Cycle Solutions takes a two-phase approach: an onsite review and an active virtual management.

Revenue Cycle Solutions, LLC Virtual Patient Account Managment


Hospitals today face very complex billing and reimbursement challenges due to the dynamic changes occurring within the industry. Business office and patient account managers must know how to efficiently manage and coordinate communications among the hospital’s billing, clinical services, medical records, and finance departments, as well as outside vendors, third-party payers, and patients.

Attracting, recruiting, and retaining skilled managers who can handle these challenges can be difficult due to your size, geographic location, or budget. As a result, you may be struggling without a qualified manager, tolerating an ineffective one, or paying more than you can afford.

Our Services

Revenue Cycle Solutions will work with you to analyze your current revenue cycle operations and focus on innovative, cost-effective ways to improve revenue capture and collection. Our experienced consultants will gather the information necessary to provide you with detailed recommendations in the following areas:

  • Scheduling / Pre-registration

  • Admissions / Registration

  • Insurance Verification

  • Charge Processing

  • Charge Description Master (CDM)

  • Case Management

  • Health Information Management (HIM)

  • Billing

  • Follow up / Collections

  • Payment Posting

  • Bad Debt / Agency Management

  • Vendor Management

  • Managed Care Contracting

Our Approach

RCS Virtual Patient Account Management team works with your staff and management personnel to set goals, establish policies and procedures, and develop protocols for ongoing communications between RCS and the patient accounting department.

Through remote and on-site communications customized to the needs of your facility, RCS maintains contact with patient accounting staff, hospital departments and management, third-party payers, and vendors.

Monitoring your vitals

Revenue Cycle Solutions, LLC Virtual Patient Account Managment


Working with RCS’s Virtual Patient Account Management team provides:

  • An affordable alternative to skilled patient account manager

  • Continuity of management services

  • Ongoing monitoring of performance by an objective third party

  • Extra emphasis on achieving department cash goals

  • Identification of methods to improve reimbursements

  • Mentoring and education of key personnel

  • Benefits of outside consultants while maintaining operational control

What are the benefits?

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