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Patient Access Review

If your facility is like most, it has become an ongoing struggle to establish and maintain adequate Patient Access procedures due to constant government and third-party insurance changes, staff turnover, training and system limitations. This common situation often results in critical registration errors, decreased patient satisfaction, and little to no point of service collections of deductibles and co-pays.

Patient Access Review Revenue Cycle Solutions, LLC

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Patient Access is the beginning of the revenue cycle and the patient experience; therefore, deficiencies in Patient Access often flow downstream to other departments, exacerbating the issues. Challenges typically stem from a multitude of areas including education, training, staffing levels, workflows, and/or poorly implemented computer software. Each deficiency must be addressed as part of a coordinated solution necessary to obtain long-term improvement.

Our Services

Revenue Cycle Solutions (RCS) will analyze all aspects of your current Patient Access operations and focus on ways to improve scheduling, pre-registration, registration, insurance verification, point of service collections and patient satisfaction.

Our Approach

Experienced RCS consultants will work with your senior management team to understand its concerns, review operations, and establish objectives. From there, Revenue Cycle Solutions will:

  • Develop benchmarks for all relevant Patient Access key performance indicators

  • Prepare a detailed analysis of all significant Patient Access processes, including issues relating to compliance with HIPAA privacy regulations

  • Provide a detailed management report containing all significant findings and opportunities

  • Complete work in a timely manner, typically four–six weeks after obtaining all pertinent information

Patient Access Consultants


By working with RCS, you will receive a comprehensive work plan that details effective processes to create, implement and track suggested changes. Typical improvements include:

  • Increased cash flow through significant increase in the real-time collection of insurance co-pays and deductibles

  • Greater accuracy and completeness of account information

  • Reduction of associated claim edits and denials

  • Improved patient convenience and satisfaction

  • Increased scheduling of all non-urgent patients

  • Increased pre-verification of insurance

  • Adoption of pre-registration process for all non-urgent patients

What are the benefits?

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