• "RCS was introduced to WCA Hospital in the summer of 2008 which was a period of significant instability for our organization. RCS provided interim management services during that time in which our journey towards a healthy revenue cycle began."

    Paul A. DeSantis
    Vice President of Finance/CFO
    WCA Hospital, Jamestown, NY

  • "Watauga would not be in as solid a financial position that it is today if it were not for the results of efforts recommended and implemented by Revenue Cycle Solutions."

    Kevin May
    Chief Financial Officer
    Appalachian Regional Healthcare System
    Boone, NC

  • "RCS did a great job and showed amazing perseverance in working with all members of out organization. We were impressed with how RCS stayed engaged until all recommendations were implemented and benefits realized!"

    JoAnn Hahey
    Chief Financial Officer
    Jefferson Regional Medical Center
    Pittsburgh, PA

  • "RCS has worked with several of our members on traditional revenue cycle problems, and conducted detailed analysis and review of managed care contracts, resulting in increased reimbursement."

    A.J. Harper, President
    Hospital Council of Western Pennsylvania

Revenue Cycle Solutions

Revenue Cycle Solutions, LLC (RCS) is a healthcare consulting firm specializing in revenue cycle reviews, interim patient account management services and customized revenue-related projects. RCS offers creative and cost-effective solutions to problems related to the capture, billing issues, and collection of health care revenue. We can help with your hospital, medical practice and healthcare center.

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