Lining up the right candidates.

Recruiting Services

The ever-changing healthcare world is creating an ever-changing need of personnel with a wide variety of qualifications. RCS’ recruiting services coordinate the improvements needed for your revenue cycle operations with the best-qualified candidates.

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Finding qualified applicants to fill open positions is challenging in any industry, but it is especially challenging in the world of healthcare. Many times, a specific and unique skill set is needed and finding a suitable candidate can be time consuming.

Our Services

Revenue Cycle Solutions uses a wide network of sources to identify potential candidates based on a client’s specific criteria. Each candidate is screened and profiled using a thorough interview process before being referred to the client.

Our Approach

While prospective recruits may have the right resume to match the job, there are multiple factors that determine who is the best fit. RCS screens candidates to ensure they have the technical capabilities to perform the job and are compatible with your organizational culture.


RCS’ Recruiting Services provides a unique combination of experience in the healthcare industry and access to revenue cycle management staff that may be looking for their next career move. Working with RCS will help find the highest quality candidates to fill your open positions, as well as save time and resources by:

  • Coordinating all candidate interviews
  • Providing feedback on candidates
  • Checking references
  • Providing criminal and credit background checks
  • Assisting with the job offer and acceptance