Revenue Cycle Solutions Services

Revenue Cycle Solutions is a healthcare consulting firm which specializes in revenue cycle reviews, interim patient account management services and customized revenue related projects. Hospitals, medical practices and healthcare centers can benefit from cost effective solutions to billing and revenue collection problems. See how RCS can help you.

Revenue Cycle Review

RCS can help your medical facility with efficient, innovative and cost effective ways to collect revenues.  We can help you analyze your current procedures and implement new, more effective strategies with the least disruption to staff and operations.

Patient Access Review

RCS will help you improve issues with scheduling, pre-registration and capture of important account information that may be lacking due to the changing world of medicine with government and third party changes, staff turnover and other limitations.

Patient Access Services

H-Pass (Hospital Patient Access Support Services) is an innovative temporary or permanent solution for any and all of your patient access challenges from scheduling to upfront collections for all routinely scheduled procedures.

Management Services

Our management services can help you maintain acceptable operation margins while going through the transition of hiring new management. In the absence of a manager in your facility we can help you manage on site while you fill the position.

Virtual Management

Especially tailored for small and mid-sized hospitals, our virtual manager can help you manage and coordinate billing, clinical services, medical records, finance and more for a fraction of the cost of an onsite, full time manager.

Contract Negotiations

Let the experts at RCS help your hospital with crucial contract negotiations when you don’t have the time, tools or human resources for this time consuming and very crucial job.

ICD-10 Impact Analysis

Revenue Cycle Solution’s experienced Health Information Management (HIM) and Hospital Financial consultants analyze the impact of ICD-10 implementation by measuring key metrics expected to affect the revenue cycle and then develop methodologies to improve related revenue cycle performance.

Recruiting Services

RCS Recruiting Services provide a unique combination of experience in the healthcare industry and access to executive staff that may be looking for their next career move.

Physician Services

The Physician Services division of Revenue Cycle Solutions specializes in the improvement of physician practice management with over 20 years experience working with small to larger physician practices.