RCS Recruiting Services

The Challenge

Finding qualified applicants to fill open positions is challenging in any industry. It is especially challenging in the world of healthcare. Many times a very specific and unique skill set is needed and finding that perfect candidate can be time consuming. While prospective recruits may have the right resume to match the job, there are multiple layers beyond what is outlined on paper to determine the best fit.

Our Service

Using our wide network of sources we will identify potential candidates based on the client’s criteria. We then profile and screen each candidate using a thorough interview process including:

  • Education
  • Work History
  • Current Compensation
  • Salary Expectations
  • Past Duties and Responsibilities
  • Areas of Knowledge and Skills
  • Outstanding Accomplishments
  • Occupational Priorities
  • Readiness to Make a Job Change

Only those candidates that meet the client’s specific qualifications pass through to the next interview and are referred to the client. RCS will coordinate all candidate interviews with appropriate management personnel, provide candidate feedback, check references, provide criminal and credit background checks and assist with the offer and acceptance.

Our Approach:

To begin, RCS will conduct thorough discussions with the client to gain an understanding of their organization and the details of the open position. We then prepare a strategic plan for how the potential candidates will be found and when we expect to fill the position. We take advantage of a variety of sources when recruiting including personal contacts, referrals, job boards, trade groups and healthcare associations. We carefully screen applicants during the initial interviews in order to identify the most appropriate candidates.


RCS Recruiting Services provide a unique combination of experience in the healthcare industry and access to executive staff that may be looking for their next career move. Our search process is based on understanding the needs of our clients and providing them with the highest quality solution.