Patient Access Services

The Challenge

Many hospitals lack standard guidelines for the advanced registration and verification of insurance coverage for scheduled procedures. Where guidelines exist, they are often not adequate and/or enforced resulting in deficient and erroneous claim data. Inaccurate information results in numerous denied claims. In fact, 50% of all claim denials are demonstrated to be the direct result of registration errors.

Higher insurance deductibles and co-pays increase the hospital’s financial risk, and staff is untrained in the most effective methods of communicating that the patient financial responsibility is due prior to the point of service. Many Hospital upfront collections of deductibles and co-pays is well below industry average and best practice.

Simplifying and improving the patient experience -- making it more efficient and pleasant -- continues to be a struggle for most hospitals.

H-Pass – The Solution

H-Pass (Hospital Patient Access Support Services) is an innovative temporary or permanent solution for any and all of your patient access challenges from scheduling to upfront collections for all routinely scheduled procedures.

Our team of highly trained and dedicated patient account representatives is ready and available to assist your patients with scheduling of appointments, verification of demographic and insurance information, understanding their financial responsibility, confirmation of pre- authorizations when required, and upfront collection of all co-payments and deductibles prior to date of service.

Seamlessly integrated with the existing hospital technical infrastructure, H-Pass enhances:
  • An improved patient experience
  • Improved data quality
  • Increased cash flow
  • Decreased associated denied claims & bad debt

Whether you are suffering high turnover of Patient Access Staff or in the middle of a software conversion H-Pass is the answer.

Our People

Our team has extensive experience in patient access and healthcare reimbursement with an additional focus on customer service. Our staff is well-versed in patient access best practices and in our clients' business practices, culture, and needs. Each team member is educated on the importance of consistently delivering the high quality of customer contact our clients require.

Our Technology

H-Pass has implemented a scalable, technical infrastructure that can readily support growing client volume while delivering quality levels of service. Our patient contact centers feature state-of-the-art technologies, including, workforce management systems and client web portals for real time access to customized client dashboards.


  • Simplifies and optimizes patient through-put – 92% of non-urgent patients are registered and verified in advance.
  • Increases accuracy of data capture – unbilled AR related to registration issues is reduced.
  • Significantly increases upfront collections related to patient responsibility
  • Increases cash flow – related denied claims and bad debt are reduced.
  • Enhances patient experience – 17 minute patient registration wait time reduced to 3 minutes.
  • Provides hospitals the opportunity to redeploy in-house staff to areas in need of additional support.