Revenue Cycle Solutions as a healthcare consulting firm offers many resources for you to learn more about how we can help your hospital or medical facility with real life solutions to revenue collection problems by offering by cost effective solutions.

Case Studies

Check out our collection of case studies to see how RCS has helped others. See how working together with Revenue Cycle Solutions has helped hospitals and other medical facilities turn around their revenue collection and improve their bottom line. In one particular case a hospital was experiencing an operating loss reaching into the millions and with the implementation of Revenue Cycle Solutions recommendations, is now in a solid financial position.


Here you will find a wealth of information which will demonstrate how Revenue Cycle Solutions can improve your facility’s financial health and boost your bottom line.  These publications outline the importance of steps you can take to improve your revenue cycle performance, capture lost revenues and how you can check your hospital’s financial health.


If you are interested in educational opportunities with Revenue Cycle Solutions we are available for speaking engagements all over the country on many issues facing hospitals today ranging from the changing landscape of hospital operations to patient access case management.