ICD-10 Impact Analysis

The Challenge

Transitioning from ICD-9 to ICD-10:

  • 393% increase in number of diagnosis codes
  • 1,798% increase in number of procedure codes
  • Entirely new methodology in procedure coding

How fast will your facility get paid for claims after October 1st 2015?

What affect will ICD-10 implementation have on your bottom line?

How confident are you that your facility is prepared for this transition?

How confident are you that outside stakeholders are prepared for this transition?

Our Service

Revenue Cycle Solution’s experienced Health Information Management (HIM) and Hospital Financial consultants analyze the impact of ICD-10 implementation by measuring key metrics expected to affect the revenue cycle and then develop methodologies to improve related revenue cycle performance.

Our Approach

The impact of ICD-10 implementation will stem from multiple sources. The key elements involved in successful transition include clinical documentation, coding accuracy, coding productivity, and system readiness.

Our ICD-10 Impact Analysis begins with the establishment of baseline measurements of the applicable key performance indicators (KPI’s) based on industry benchmarks.

Experienced HIM and Hospital Financial consultants will gather information necessary to assess the current state of ICD-10 implementation including discharged not final billed (DNFB), Case Mix Index (CMI), documentation, coding and system functionality.

We complete a detailed operational assessment of the impact that ICD-10 implementation is having on the revenue cycle to identify deficiencies and opportunities for operational and financial improvements.


A written work plan provides an easy and effective process to create, implement and track suggested changes for improvement. These improvements include:

  • Validation of improved documentation
  • Verified coding accuracy based on industry benchmarks
  • Documented coding productivity based on industry benchmarks
  • Verification of sustained or increased Case Mix Index (CMI)
  • Affirmation of system functionality related to ICD-10 integration